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AM CLUB CARD & APP offers unbeatable value with Special Discount Offers (Save up to 50% Off) or Buy One & Get One FREE (equal or less then value) at the best Hotels, Retail outlets, Education institutes, Restaurants, Cafes, Beauty centers, Spas, Kid, Fitness outlets, Entertainment, Auto and more across in your State. Our Card will be contains hundreds of Special Discount Offers throughout the year. 

AM Club Card is under management by “AM Company”. We want to invite you with exclusive discount offers for our CARD HOLDER. It’s totally risk and investment free advertisement.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the AM Club Card?

AM CLUB CARD offers unbeatable value with Buy One & Get One Free Offers, Buy Two & Get One Free Offers or Save up to 50 % Off at the best Hotels, Education institutes, Restaurants, Cafes, Beauty centers, Spas, Kid, Health & Fitness outlets, Entertainment, Auto and more across in your State.

How does AM Club Card (AMCC) work?

Customers present AM Club Card / App your “Cashier” for redemption. And note down “am club card” UNID number.

(This number is mention backside of cards.)

How many offers are available in AM Club Card / App?

Our card or app. will be contains hundreds of Exclusive Discount offers. We can view more details of participating merchants / brands on the Brochure and our web page or mobile web app.

How do I see the different merchants / brands available in AM Club Card?

We have a list of participating merchants / brands inside Brochure and our website & mobile App. You can see merchant / brand names, offers detail, rules of use (individually), and outlets detail.

Where can people purchase AM Club Card / App?

Customer (General public) can purchase AM Club Card from our web site (online), we have also independent “Marketing Executive Teams” and we are doing stall activities in different Cities, Areas, Malls, and Institutes etc.

What restriction do the Offers have on them?

Our offers have very few restrictions on the times or days when they can be used. They are valid throughout the year. Expiry dates mention backside of the cards.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why need for AM Club Card Mobile Web Application?

AM CLUB CARD MOBILE WEB APPLICATION is use for information. This is very easy way for customers to update old & new offers. Customers no need to carry any kinds of book, brochure, vouchers, map page for location, directory for phone numbers.

What is the Web Application?

The Web Application is installable and live on the user’s Home Screen, without the need for any app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience with help from a web app manifest file and can even re-engage users with web push notifications.

What are Benefits of the Web Application?

  • Web application run on multiple OS like: Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry OS, Fire OS etc.
  • Web application use on Mobile phones, Tablets.
  • This is not installed on the hard drive, thus eliminating space limitations. (No need device space for Install/Download.)
  • All Users access the same version.

How can I join this venture?

Please fill the form on below one click, our Representative will contact you shortly.

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